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Our Remediation Process

Step 1: Upload

Allow users to upload files directly to their account or add links for transfer from third-party services.

Step 2: Expert Review

Combine automated tools with expert reviewers for a thorough analysis of every document, checking for potential errors, alt-text, color contrast, and more.

Step 3: Payment & Begin

Users can review their personalized quote and make a secure online payment. Once confirmed, our accessibility experts begin fixing errors and remediating your documents.

Step 4: Project Delivery

Remediated documents are uploaded to the user’s account for download from the project dashboard.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How does documenta11y work and what are its benefits?

Documenta11y offers a 24/7 self-service portal that allows you to easily create accessible digital content from various document formats, including PDFs, MS-Word, PowerPoint, Excel documents, and EPUBs. This means you can upload your documents and have them converted into accessible formats at anytime, anywhere.

Its key benefits:

Simplicity at Its Core:

DocumentA11Y offers a user-friendly interface that simplifies the process of uploading documents 24/7, regardless of quantity or complexity.

Effortless Transactions:
Hassle-free online payment system that accommodates various credit cards, making the management of quotes, invoices, and transactions seamless.

Access to Expertise:

DocumentA11Y prides itself on a team of over 100 accessibility specialists with extensive experience in managing projects of all sizes and formats.

Versatile Format Handling:

DocumentA11Y handles a range of formats, including PDFs, Microsoft Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, and Excel spreadsheets. We guarantee 100% compliance with a variety of accessibility standards.

Project Transparency:
Users can easily track project status, costs, and order history through DocumentA11Y’s intuitive interface.

Q2. How can I get started with documenta11y and what are the steps involved?
  1. Sign Up and Verify Email:
    – Begin by signing up on the DocumentA11Y platform. you’ll receive an email with a link to confirm your account setup.
  2. Access Your Dashboard:
    – After successful sign-up, you’ll land in your personalized dashboard.
    – Click on the “Upload” option to initiate the process.
  3. Upload Your Documents:
    – Simply drag your files into the provided box or click the “Browse” button to select files from your computer.
    – If your files are stored in a cloud service (such as Google Drive or Dropbox), add/share the link with us.
  4. Provide Project Details:
    – As part of the upload process, you’ll be asked for additional project details:
    – Alt Text: Specify if you require alternative text for images (essential for screen readers and Brille device users).
    – Fillable Forms: Indicate if your documents contain fillable forms to make it interactive forms fields.
    – Any other relevant information to ensure clarity of your needs.
    – Select the delivery options: Standard or Fast Track (Yes/No).
  5. Submit the Form:
    – Once you’ve filled in the necessary details, submit the form.
    – Our Accessibility experts will evaluate your documents and prepare a personalized quote.
  6. Receive Your Quote:
    – You’ll receive the quote based on the complexity, volume, specific requirements and delivery method of your project.
    Delivery Methods:
    Standard Delivery (3-5 days): A reliable and timely delivery option.
    Fast Track Delivery (1-2 days): Expedited service for urgent projects.
  7. Payment and Remediation:
    – Upon payment, the remediation process begins.
    – Our experts work diligently to make your documents 99.9% accessible.
    – The selected delivery method and volume of documents determine the timeline.
    Please note that payment can only be made by credit card.
  8. Accessible Documents Delivered:
    – Once the remediation is complete, your accessible documents are handed off to you with validation reports.
Q3. What document formats can you make accessible?

We can make the following document formats accessible:

  • PDFs
  • MS-Word documents
  • Presentations (e.g., PowerPoint)
  • EPUBs
  • MS-Excel spreadsheets
  • PDF fillable forms

Feel free to upload any of these formats, and we’ll ensure they are accessible!

Q4. What is the pricing for remediation services, and how can I obtain a quote?

DocumentA11Y pricing starts at $4 per page. We price PDF remediation per page. To provide accurate pricing, we review each document for size and complexity. The size of the document is determined by the number of pages.

For a personalized quote, please sign up, upload your documents, and let our remediation experts send you a quote. We’ll be happy to assist you in making your documents more accessible.

Q5. How long does it take to get my documents remediated by documenta11y?

At documenta11y, our team of experts is committed to providing you with high-quality, accessible documents that meet the highest standards.

The time it takes to remediate your documents depends on several factors:

Document Type: Different document types (PDFs, Word files, PowerPoint presentations, etc.) may require varying levels of effort.

Complexity Level: Highly complex documents with intricate layouts or extensive content may take longer.

Delivery Method:

  • Standard Delivery: Typically, we aim for a turnaround time of 3 to 5 business days.
  • Faster Delivery: If you need your documents urgently, we offer an expedited option with turnaround time of 1-2 business days.

Additional Needs: If you require specific features like alt text descriptions, fillable forms, or other customizations, this may impact the timeline.

Rest assured, we prioritize efficiency without compromising quality. Our team works diligently to ensure a faster turnaround time while maintaining accessibility excellence.

For personalized details and an accurate estimate, feel free to reach out to us via the methods mentioned earlier. We’re here to assist you!

Q6. What are the security and privacy measures that documenta11y takes to protect my data?

Your data privacy is our priority. Documenta11y values your personal information and takes strict measures to protect it. We follow these principles:

  • Data Minimization: We only collect and store the necessary PII for our services. We do not record or retain any sensitive card details, such as the card number, expiry date, CVV, or other personal information.
  • Payment Processing: We use a secure payment gateway that complies with the PCI DSS, the industry standard for payment security. We also encrypt all data transmission between Documenta11y and the payment gateway using SSL/TLS protocols, ensuring that your payment information is confidential and protected.
  • File Retention Period:
    We maintain a 60-day file retention period at the DocumentA11Y Portal. After this period, files are automatically deleted to further protect your data.

We aim to provide you with a safe and secure service. If you have any questions or concerns about security and privacy, please contact us.

Q7. How can I contact documenta11y for support or feedback?

For New Users (Not Logged In):

Step 1 🡲 Navigate to the “Contact Us” section in the footer of the documenta11y website.
Step 2 🡲 Click on it, and you’ll land on an inquiry form page.
Step 3 🡲 Enter your query or feedback and submit it. Our experts will get back to you as soon as possible.

Alternatively, you can write to us directly at

For Existing User (Logged In):

Step 1 🡲 If you’re already logged in to your dashboard, look for the chat icon present in the lower right corner.

Step 2 🡲 Click on it, and you’ll have two methods to contact us:

  • Request a Callback: Clicking on this option opens the same enquiry form page where you can submit your query.
  • Contact Us: Similar to the above method, this also directs you to the enquiry form.

Feel free to reach out, and we’ll be happy to assist you!

Q8. How can I check the accessibility of my documents before and after using documenta11y?

Before Using DocumentA11Y:

Manual Review: Examine your documents (such as Word files, PDFs, PowerPoint presentations, and Excel sheets) carefully. Look for elements like headings, alt text for images, proper use of lists, and logical reading order.

Test with Screen Readers: Test your documents using screen readers (such as JAWS, NVDA, or VoiceOver) to simulate how users with visual impairments experience them.

After Using DocumentA11Y:

Verify Changes: Review the changes made by DocumentA11Y. Ensure that headings are properly tagged, images have descriptive alt text, and tables are accessible.

Test Again: Re-test your documents using screen readers to verify that the accessibility enhancements are effective.

Additionally, when you use documenta11y, you will receive a Compliance Report along with the remediated documents. This report provides insights into the accessibility improvements made and ensures transparency regarding the changes applied.

Q9. How can I contact documenta11y's team of experts and consultants for inquiries regarding large volume pricing?

Sign Up and Access Your Dashboard:

First, sign up on the DocumentA11Y platform.
Once you’re logged in, you’ll land in your personalized dashboard.

Request Volume Pricing:
On the side panel, select the “Upload” option.
Look for the “Request Volume Pricing” section.
Click on it to proceed.

Select Quantity Range (in Pages):
You’ll be prompted to choose a quantity range based on the number of pages in your documents.
Select the appropriate range that aligns with your requirements.

Submit Your Request:
After selecting the quantity range, click on “Submit”.

Our accessibility experts will receive your request and get in touch with you for further consultation.

Whether it’s a large-scale project or a smaller task, we’re here to make your content more accessible.

Q10. Can I get a demo of DocumentA11Y?

DocumentA11Y is your gateway to effortless document accessibility compliance. As a Self-Serve Platform, we empower you to ensure your digital content meets the highest standards of inclusivity.

To help you get the best out of DocumentA11Y, we’ve created an informative video that walks you through the platform. It provides insights into our features, processes, and how to make the most of our services.

You can watch the video here: DocumentA11Y | Empowering Inclusive Digital Experiences.

Additionally, we offer live one-to-one demos. Reach out to us through our Contact Us page or write to us at support@documenta11y.

Remember, simplicity is at the core of our platform. Book a demo or consult with us for free today and experience the ease of document accessibility!

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