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Accessibility icon is a 24/7 self-service portal to easily create accessible digital content residing in all forms of documents

Our Capabilities

Document accessibility audit

Document accessibility audit

Document Remediation

Document remediation services

Image Alt Text Remediation

Alt Text for Images

Audio Video Transcription

Audio Video Transcription


Closed Captioning

Achieve 100% File Accessibility Compliance

Reduce uncertainties and mitigate legal risks through our comprehensive accessibility audit. Our report will serve as a baseline for your team to fix errors and set them up for a sustainable accessibility journey.

Choose for all your compliance requirements

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Our Document Remediation Process


Upload files directly into your account. You can also add 3rd party links to transfer files.

Expert review

Combining automated tools and our expert reviewers, a thorough analysis of every document is performed to find potential errors, alt-text, color contrast, and more.

Customized Quote

Review your customized quote and pay securely – all within


Our accessibility experts start fixing errors and remediating your documents

Track Project

Get complete visibility into your project including delivery date, project cost, order history, and more using our easy-to-use interface.

3-Tier Quality Model

Ensures your documents are compliant, error-free and more usable for people with disabilities

Project Delivery

Upon QA, remediated documents are uploaded to your account and can be easily downloaded from your project dashboard.

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