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Empowering educators to solve their document accessibility challenges

The rapid shift to online teaching and learning has pushed educators to strengthen their remote learning ecosystems. Equally important is to ensure all digital materials like curricula, course materials, assessments, and other resources are accessible for students with disabilities.

With the sheer volume of digital content being created and the increasing threat of litigation, educators and learning providers need a reliable partner and a large pool of accessibility experts to serve the complex needs of students and faculty members while meeting compliance regulations.

As a leading digital accessibility company, DocumentA11Y has helped several educational institutions and learning providers to remediate thousands of documents such as PDFs, Word, PPT, Excel, ePub into compliance.

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We can help you achieve your compliance goals

Our document accessibility specialists have remediated thousands of education materials and can deliver high-quality accessible documents that meet compliance standards such as ADA, Section 508, WCAG, PDF U/A and more…

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Document accessibility audit

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