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Say goodbye to document remediation headaches. Documenta11y makes transforming PDFs, Word files, presentations, and EPUBs into accessible formats a breeze.

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Accessibility Experts

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Our 24/7 self-service portal handles all document types for remediation.

Accessible PDFs

Accessible PDFs

We specialize in PDF remediation services that guarantee 100% compliance with WCAG, Section 508, and other relevant accessibility standards.

PDF Forms Accessibility

PDF Forms

We ensure best practices are followed to efficiently create easy-to-use, interactive, and fillable PDF Forms that adhere to relevant accessibility standards.

Accessible Word Documents

Accessible Word

Deliver high-quality and easy-to-use accessible Microsoft word documents for your users and achieve your compliance goals.

Accessible EPUBs

Accessible EPUBs

Create born-accessible EPUB or convert existing EPUB files to accessible EPUB3 version.

Accessible PPT Documents

Accessible PPT

From adding alt text, and image descriptions to creating slide templates, our experts can simplify making your PowerPoint presentations more accessible and engaging for users with disabilities.

Accessible Excel Files

Accessible Excel

Create accessible Excel spreadsheets that will empower users with disabilities to easily perform analysis and manage data.

Our Remediation Process

Step 1: Upload

Allow users to upload files directly to their account or add links for transfer from third-party services.

Step 2: Expert Review

Combine automated tools with expert reviewers for a thorough analysis of every document, checking for potential errors, alt-text, color contrast, and more.

Step 3: Payment & Begin

Users can review their personalized quote and make a secure online payment. Once confirmed, our accessibility experts begin fixing errors and remediating your documents.

Step 4: Project Delivery

Remediated documents are uploaded to the user’s account for download from the project dashboard.

Industries We Serve

An eBook page displayed in a tablet placed against vertical stack of books on a table.


Create new Revenue Streams by making all content Accessible, augmenting SEO.

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Government / Non-Profits

ADA Compliant Documents – Section 508 Mandates are current

Stacked and scattered American coins beside a document labeled 'Taxes'.

Financial and Insurance

Financial Disclosure Forms, Proxy Statements, SAR’s, AR’s, Policies

Inside view of a modern operating theatre with overhead surgical lights, monitors, screens, and medical equipment.


Accessibility is crucial to make content available to everyone

A large decorated space in a huge building, accessible to the public equip with a Café and common seating area


Make content accessible to internal and external Stakeholders including ESG Reports

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Alt Text, Charts/Graphs, Mathematical Equations

for all your compliance

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