From Disconnected to Distinction:

How Documenta11y Elevated a Prestigious University’s Digital Campus

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Neglected. Navigational Nightmare. Non-compliant. After years of digital expansion, a venerable institution faced a digital divide.

The world of academia is known for its wealth of knowledge, yet it often neglects the bridge to accessibility. A prestigious university, rich in tradition and scholarly excellence, confronted the harsh reality of its digital campus—a maze of inaccessible documents and resources that excluded students with disabilities.

Documenta11y, with its visionary approach to digital inclusion, was ready to lead a renaissance of accessibility.

With a mission to empower all learners, Documenta11y embarked on a transformative journey alongside the university.

A Tailored Solution for Seamless Accessibility

Documenta11y understood the university’s unique needs. Gone was the one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, they crafted a solution as diverse as the university itself, encompassing its multiple departments and administrative functions.

The centerpiece of this solution was Documenta11y’s cutting-edge webform. This user-friendly platform allowed anyone within the university – faculty, instructors, researchers, students, and administrators alike – to seamlessly submit documents for accessibility remediation.

Legacy Content to Cutting-Edge Accessibility

Documenta11y’s impact transcended immediate needs. They addressed the university’s historical backlog of inaccessible documents, meticulously converting legacy course materials, administrative forms, and departmental resources into accessible formats.

But Documenta11y didn’t stop there. They envisioned a future of continuous accessibility. Their webform provided a permanent solution, empowering university staff to upload new content – from instructor-created lectures notes to student assignments – ensuring accessibility from the very point of creation.

A Model University, a Legacy of Inclusion

The results were nothing short of remarkable. The university’s commitment to inclusion solidified. Student engagement skyrocketed, particularly among those who previously felt excluded. The university emerged as a champion of digital accessibility, a shining example for higher education institutions worldwide.

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