Case Studies

The journey began with a comprehensive audit of existing documentation. The healthcare provider's commitment to patient care was unquestionable, but their documents told a different story.

How Documenta11y Revolutionized Accessibility for a Major Healthcare Provider

Invisible. Inaudible. Inaccessible. After decades of digital documentation, a prominent healthcare provider faced a reckoning....

Documenta11y, with its visionary approach to digital inclusion, was ready to lead a renaissance of accessibility. With a mission to empower all learners, Documenta11y embarked on a transformative journey alongside the university.

How Documenta11y Simplified Accessibility Across a Prestigious University

Neglected. Navigational Nightmare. Non-compliant. After years of digital expansion, a venerable institution faced a digital...

documenta11y, a frontrunner in document accessibility solutions, stepped forward with a keen understanding of the educational content creation landscape and its unique challenges.

Documenta11y’s Contribution to Inclusive Education

The Challenge A leading educational content provider, facing surging demand for engaging learning materials, found...

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